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Washington State
Department of Health
Massage Practitioner License
# MA 60197801

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The mark of real wisdom is when we finally realize that we will never have enough. I have never settled for the status quo, as in learning just enough about human anatomy and therapeutic massage techniques to provide the same level of stress and/or pain relief as the average massage therapist. Every day, I see the importance of "leaving no stone unturned" (pun intended!) when it comes to determining an individual's best overall stress and/or pain relief massage strategy. Why settle for "acceptable" results when we can go for the best results possible? This is why I studied so many different modalities within the broad discipline of therapeutic massage. It affects so many aspects of our lives that I knew I would need a massage therapist toolbox full of different tools for different patients' unique needs.



Always looking for the next level of stress and pain relief as a massage therapist.




I graduated with extensive hours (1,000 of them) and a special interest in cranialsacral therapy, TMJ bodywork, deep tissue massage and a host of other modalities that address specific wellness concerns. Whether you are experiencing mental stress, neck and back pain, migraines, TMJ syndrome or even chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, I am prepared to walk with you on the road to wellness with abundant education and experience. I am a member of AMTA, the American Massage Therapy Association. I am licensed with the State of Washington's Department of Health and have volunteered at the Student Outreach Program at University of Washington Medical School. I live in Bellevue with my wonderful children and my sweetheart doggie.

Come... let's begin your journey.



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Did You Know?

Etymologists have varying theories about the origin of the word "massage"...


  • From the French massage, meaning "friction of kneading";

  • From the Arabic massa, meaning "to touch, feel or handle";

  • From the Latin massa, meaning "mass, dough";

  • From the Greek μάσσω (massō), meaning "to handle, touch, to work with the hands, to knead dough."


One thing is certain: a massage therapist who knows what he or she is doing can make a WORLD of difference for your functional enhancement, your body's self-healing systems and the promotion of your relaxation and well-being. Massage therapy administered by a competent massage therapist is an essential component of your trip on the road to wellness.



Experience what real relief is all about »

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